March 2014

Posted on: 01st Mar 2014

Beef stew is amongst one of the very common meals in Zimbabwe. It’s the typical relish found at most dinner tables across the majority of Zimbabwean society. When you hear people saying Sadza nenyama (pap with meat) in most cases they are referring to sadza and beef stew. Despite the fact that nyama (meat) is a broad term which can be used to any meat and not just beef. Beef stew is also common at many Zimbabwean gatherings such as weddings and funerals. Perhaps this is because this is one of the relatively less complicated dishes to make.

In this recipe there are no spices or herbs not even garlic to illustrate the typical Zimbabwean beef stew. However, not including spices or herbs does not take away anything from the taste; it’s still delicious.


600g super blade beef

¼ onion chopped

1 tomato

4 tbsp oil for frying

2 tbsp soup powder

1 ltr water

½ tsp salt


Quick Instructions

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