Four Ways to get from Harare to Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls – One of the Seven Wonders of the World

The Victoria Falls are the most visited attraction in Zimbabwe, thousands of tourists go there every year, to walk in the beautiful rain forest and look at the scenic view points of the falls, during the months of November to April (rainy season), you will get particularly wet and the sound of the falls will be almost deafening.

Other attractions are to bungee jump off the Victoria Falls Bridge (111m high) and dive into the Zambezi River gorge, or white water rafting below the fall in the rapids of the Zambezi River.

For the non-adrenaline junkies, relax on a sun downer cruise above the falls or experience the flight of the angels giving you a stunning view of the falls from above.The majestic Victoria Falls, or Mosi-oa-Tunya (the Smoke that Thunders), are found on the Zambezi river, between Zimbabwe and Zambia. Victoria Falls is one of the seven natural wonders of the world and were discovered by David Livingstone in 1855.

The mighty Victoria Falls has seventeen view points, the most impressive ones being the main falls and devil cataract where approx 500 million litres of water per minute flows over there in peak season. The falls are a staggering 1708 metres in width with a maximum height of 108 metres.

The best four ways of getting from Harare to Victoria Falls are Air, Bus, Self-drive, or Train. Below is a list of them and information about their schedules available and their fares.

Charter FlightsAir

Rating: 5 out of 5

All international and domestic airlines use the Harare International Airport, 15km southeast of the City Centre of Harare. Charter flights and other light aircraft operate out of Charles Prince airport, 2km northwest of Harare. Flights are available with Air Zimbabwe and South African Airways (via Johannesburg).

Victoria Falls Airport is approx. twenty kilometers out of town, car hire is available, and vehicles can be picked up from the airport. Most of the hotels and lodges in Victoria Falls have a pickup service for their clients. Alternatively you can hire a taxi which costs US$30.00 and can take a maximum of 4 people. There are also meet and greet bus services, that cost US$12.00 one way per person from the Victoria Falls Airport to the town itself.

This is probably the best mode of transport to get from Harare to Victoria Falls, the fastest as well as the easiest. The only downfall is that it can be really expensive.

Air Zimbabwe’s flight schedule, go to Air Zimbabwe Schedule

Air Zimbabwe’s Contact details:



+263 4 575021, +263 4 58202227, +263 4 575143

Harare Town Office

+263 4 253751/7, +263 4 251835, +263 4 705175/6

Bulawayo Airport

+263 9 296491/2

Bulawayo Town Office

+263 9 69732, +263 9 72052

Victoria Falls Airport

+263 13 44665/44554

Victoria Falls Town Office

+263 13 44316/7

Reservations Control (flight confirmations)

+263 4 58202403/51/52/59, +263 4 58202503

For other airlines go to


Rating: 4 out of 5

Buses regularly travel between Harare and Victoria Falls (and visa verse). There are a few bus companies that operate this route and are decently priced with various classes of seating available.

The bus stations are in the town centers of each City and make numerous stops at each town along the way, where you can get on and off the buses.

It is generally a 12 to 13 hour journey from Harare to Victoria Falls, and is very reliable and very affordable. They run on a daily basis and are extremely clean and comfortable.

The buses that run these routes are luxury coaches, fully air-coned, have food service available, on board toilets and television.

The best two bus companies are Pathfinder and City Link.

I recommend this mode of transport if you are travelling alone as it is reasonably priced and a basic route to get from Harare to Victoria Falls.

Pathfinder schedule (click to expand):

Pathfinder Schedule

Pathfinder fares (click to expand): Pathfinder Fare Chart


Pathfinder contact details:


Pathfinder Travel Centre

+263 4 2936907-8, +263 772 694144/5

Harare Office

+263 778 888 882, +263 772 694 145

Bulawayo Office

+263 778 888 884, +263 712 771 406

Victoria Falls Office

+263 778 888 883

For information on City Link go to

Self DriveSelf-Drive

Rating: 3 out of 5

From Harare via Bulawayo (best route) it is approximately 880kms to Victoria Falls taking around 12 hours’ drive so it is advisable to split up your journey.

Approximately 440kms out of Harare is, the second largest city in Zimbabwe, Bulawayo, which is a perfect place to split up your journey.

Just outside Bulawayo, is Matobo National Park where you view Cecil John Rhodes grave, look at some of the finest rock paintings, and game viewing in the park. Another highly recommended place to stay is Hwange National Park, Zimbabwe’s largest park where you will be able to see large herds of elephants, buffalo and zebra. There are a number of places to stay depending on your budget; there is The Hide, Impondo Safaris and Hwange Lodges and Camping.

Distance Calculator can take you either through Bulawayo or you have the option of turning off at Kwe Kwe which could be a bad road and increase your travelling time depending on the time of the year (rainfall, etc.)

Self-drive is a really good option if there are a few of you travelling together as it would be fun and you could split the costs, and you could stop in at different towns and go sightseeing as you wish. You would be travelling at your own pace and change your route as you please. There are a number of fuel stations at each town you go through where you are able to fill up the vehicle and many places to stop and grab a bite to eat.

If you have your own vehicle that would help a lot and cut costs, but there a number of Car Hire companies within Zimbabwe, namely, Europcar, Avis, and Rockshade.

Avis Contact Details:



Lot 2, Arlington, Joshua Nkomo Road, Harare


+263   4 575 431/2/3


Corner   10th Ave / Robert Mugabe St, Bulawayo


+263 9 685 71/2

Victoria Falls

Total Service Station, 251 Livingstone Way, Mallet   Drive, Victoria Falls


+263   13 445 32/3

Vic Falls by TrainRail

Rating: 1 out of 5

From Harare Train Station (near corner Kenneth Kaunda Ave & Second Street) trains, in theory, travel to Bulawayo and Mutare, and from Bulawayo on to Victoria Falls.

In reality, train timetables are constantly changing, delayed most of the time, and trains are not particularly safe for tourists. If you’re really considering this form of travel, call the National Railways of Zimbabwe.

I would not recommend this mode of transport as it is very unreliable and uncomfortable, but it is available for transport within Zimbabwe from Harare to Victoria Falls.

Contact Details:



+263 786 04416, +263 786   06519


+263 9 322210


+263 20 62825

Victoria Falls

+263 13 44391

The international dialling code for Zimbabwe is ‘263’. When dialling from Zimbabwe to another country dial ‘00’ before the dialling code of the destination country. The time zone is GMT+2.

The following emergency numbers can be dialled directly from a landline or dial 112 from mobile phones:

Police 995

Ambulance 994

Fire 993

Victoria Falls 24 does not take any responsibility for schedule or fare changes as they may change at any particular point in time.

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