The Trees of Harare

Harare, the “City of Flowering Trees” is an unbelievably vibrant city filled with astonishing tourist attractions. From the National Herbarium to Mukuvisi Woodlands Harare is a city that is surprising filled with a rich variety of nature and wildlife.

Radiant purples and reds decorate the glass tower backdrop of Harare, it is a spectacular sight amongst the hustle and bustle of city life. The blooming “jungle” of Jacaranda trees and other Flamboyants signify the changing of seasons in Zimbabwe; a place that enjoys more heat than the cold Winter just gone.

Harare's Jacarandas descended from just six seedlings bought from Durban in the 1980's. The seedlings were planted in the the early 1900's, by the 1930's the first branches started to meet across the streets creating stunning green tunnels.

There are more than 10 tree types that have been reserved for planing on the streets of Harare. The fragrant Indian Bauhinias, the wide spreading Croton, the Giant Eucalyptus, vivid red Flamboyants, the magnificent Jacarandas and many more. There is literally a tree for every street!