A Twitchers Paradise

Zimbabwe is an almost mythical place and a highly productive birding destination. Just be prepared for well…almost anything. Due to the large number of specialty and range-restricted species it is a must-visit destination

Zimbabwe is a landlocked country that has recorded close on 700 bird species. And although the country has no true endemics, Robert’s Warbler, Chirinda Apalis and Swynnerton’s Robin (all found in the eastern part of the country) are unlikely to be seen anywhere else. The country is also famous for its regular sightings of that most wanted of birds, the African Pitta. The tapestry of habitats throughout the country makes for a very interesting and varied birdlife. The granite kopjes (outcrops) of much of Zimbabwe, interspersed with miombo woodland, are home to many species endemic to this range-restricted habitat like the mysterious Boulder Chat and Southern Hyliota.

One of the great places to find birds in Zimbabwe is at Kuimba Shiri Bird Park which is situated on the shores of Lake Chivero, in a National Park and boasts over 460 species of indigenous birds in the wild. Established over 20 years ago Kuimba Shiri Bird Park is the only bird park in Zimbabwe and is home to orphaned, injured and abandoned birds.