Cycle Tours around Victoria Falls

Start at The Victoria Falls Hotel for High Tea, choose your bike, then begin your adventure. Explore the local customs and culture of Chinotimba, travel through the Zambezi Game Drive, past the "Big Tree", along the banks of the mighty Zambezi river to marvel at the transcendental beauty of the Falls. There really is no better way to experience the majestic Falls!

About Bike & Saddle Cycle Tours

We begin our signature cycle from the iconic Victoria Falls Hotel, built in 1904. It boasts a private pathway to the Falls and guests from far and wide gather here for High Tea - with freshly baked scones, cake and pastries.

After meeting your Bike & Saddle Specialist Trip Guide on the hotel entrance, where Bikes are collected and water bottles issued, the adventure begins and we make our way up into the leafy, tree-lined suburbs and then into Chinotimba  Township, where we get a sense of local customs and culture. We wander through the bustling market as our guide points out the different fruit and vegetables, and we visit a local church, clinic and school, seeing a side of Victoria Falls that is not on most tourist itineraries. For many a guest this is a highlight.

From there we go up past the local Hospital and down the main road on to Zambezi Drive, keeping an eye out for impala, warthog, monkeys, baboons, an abundant of birdlife and even the mighty elephant! We continue onto the Big Tree, a massive and ancient Baobab which is over a thousand years old, as our guide explains the unique fauna and flora of the region. We break along the way at scenic viewpoints, alongside the perennial Zambezi, hardly believing that this seemingly placid and innocuous river will be transformed into a terrifying torrent of water a few kilometres downstream! Here on the banks of the Zambezi river, we stop for snacks and drinks enjoying the ambience of the river and its surroundings.

We leave the riverside and roll downhill towards the Railway Bridge, exiting Zimbabwe temporarily and entering Zambian soil on a gate pass (no visa required) for a perfect photo opportunity to supplement your photo album. Built in 1905 on the command of the arch imperialist Cecil John Rhodes, it was part of his vision to create a train network running from Cape Town to Cairo. Rhodes also wanted visitors to feel "the spray in their faces" as the train puffed across the Zambezi. This relic of history remains an important road link between the two countries.

We break here to appreciate the transcendental beauty of the Falls and marvel at the rainbow that stretches across the foaming torrent of water - the perfect place to capture the moment on camera!

We return to Zimbabwe and cycle along the private pathway back to the Victoria Falls Hotel, where you can enjoy an awesome view of the Bridge covered in the spray of the Victoria Falls, as the sun sets below the plume of spray - there really is no better way to experience the majestic Falls!

Departure Times
The Sunrise Cycle departs at 7am (summer) and 7:30am (winter), returning to the lodge at around 9:30am for a well-deserved breakfast spread overlooking the Falls.
The Sunset Cycle departs at 4pm (summer) and 3:30pm (winter), returning to the lodge at around 6pm as the sun sinks below the horizon.