Nearby Attractions & Activities

Antelope Park
Antelope Park is Zimbabwe’s Premier Private Wildlife Park and attracts guests from all over the world. Its range of accommodation and quality facilities make it the perfect destination for holiday makers, conferences, educational school trips, romantic get-aways, team building or leadership camps and day trips. more
Khami is a ruined city in Zimbabwe. It was once the capital of the Kingdom of Butua of the Torwa dynasty. It is located 22 kilometers west of the modern city of Bulawayo, capital of the province of Matabeleland North. Its ruins are now a national monument in Zimbabwe. Khami is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site. more
Rhodes Grave
As Cecil Rhodes visited various sites in the Matapos Hills, he came across this Ndebele sacred place known as Malindidzimu, or 'place of benevolent spirits'. He called it 'View of the World' and decided that this was to be his burial place. Rhodes Grave offers fabulous views over the Matapos. more
Bulawayo Railway Museum
Bulawayo Railway Museum is a museum next to Bulawayo railway station in Zimbabwe, with several exhibits of the history of railways in Zimbabwe and Rhodesia. Its oldest exhibits date back as far as 1897, and include Cecil Rhodes' personal railway coach. more
Natural History Museum Bulawayo
The Natural History Museum is home to extensive displays of history, geology, animals, birds and insects, and holds a library as a major source for scientific and educational activities and embraces a comprehensive library and exhibition galleries. more