Osborne Dam Recreational Park

Tucked away from the typical geomorphology of the Eastern Highlands of rolling moorlands, high altitude heath, trout- filled sparkling river waters and lush green undulating slopes, lies a resort of different stamina, the Osborne Dam Recreational Park.The dam, the biggest in Manicaland on the western foot of Mount Jenya, in Mutasa communal lands, is a scenic gem and a tourist attraction that can hold its own.

About Osborne Dam

Osborne Dam is the largest lake in the Manicaland region and is one of the major inland lakes in Zimbabwe. The large lake covers in excess of 2 600 hectares of land with a carrying capacity of over 400 million cubic metres of water.

The lake stretches for 16 kilometres up to the Odzi River and 15 kilometres along its Nyatande tributary. The lake is over 6 kilometres wide and 66 metres deep. The area's has a moderate climate with an average temperature of 24 degrees Celsius.


  • Fishing - one of the most popular activities. Bass Masters Societies view this dam as potential record catch territory. Anglers will most certainly enjoy this experience in the generally cool environs.
  • Boating - the vast water body gives boating enthusiasts an expansive area to race or just cruise around.
  • Birding - this an increasingly popular activity as the park has become home to a wide range of aquatic and terrestrial birds.
  • Walking safaris - walking paths along the dam wall and around the shores, down the Odzi River and in the nearby hills (Mt Jenya) provide a wide range of scenery for trail enthusiasts.
  • Game drive - there is a 102 kilometre drive around the lake which includes access to several of the nearby rural areas.
  • Pony rides - pony rides around the lake shore can be arranged with the tourist office
  • Windsurfing - Ideal conditions with a steady western breeze
  • Canoeing - Beautiful inlets and waterways for the canoe enthusiast


Facilities available at Osborne Dam include a rest camp and a camping site.

A rest camp with self catering lodges is located at a vantage point overlooking the lake.

Camp Sites
The large camping site can accommodate 300 campers has braai facilities and electric points distributed at every other site and is an ideal location for fishing and boating tournaments.