Doma Safari Area

The Doma Safari Area is a little-known, but very attractive area situated mostly on the edge of the magnificent Zambezi valley escarpment adjoining the southern extremity of the Chewore Safari Area. It boasts some spectacular countryside and diverse wildlife, providing real safari experiences.

About Soma Safari Area

Doma is an area of magnificient natural beauty and consists of dramatic wooded hills and low-lying plains, rivers and lakes and has good populations of large mammals, although unfortunately this area has suffered recently from human encroachment and poaching.

Doma is mostly used for sport hunting - an activity which depends on abundant wildlife populations. In an effort to provide local communities with an incentive to conserve their natural resources, local hunting and safari operators have developed a scheme whereby a percentage of the profits from both hunting and safari lodge accommodation are given back to the community.

An informal, self-catering lodge, set in the hills around a small lake is available to self-drive visitors wanting to explore this area.