Zimbabwe's capital city Harare is the most cosmopolitan city north of the Limpopo river in Southern Africa. Harare boasts of an international airport and numerous five-star hotels and restaurants, shopping malls, cinemas, theatres, night clubs, horseracing, plus more cultural pleasures in and around the city.

About Harare

Harare is the capital of Zimbabwe and is home to some two million people, with most in central Harare but some 500,000 in the surrounding districts of Rural Harare, Chintungwiza and Epworth. Harare has many historical buildings and monuments juxtaposed with modern high-rise constructions. There are various nature reserves and resorts around the city.

The National Archives has a priceless collection of maps, sketches, books, diaries and documents, as well as most of Thomas Baines' paintings. The National Art Gallery holds frequent exhibitions of both indigenous and foreign works of art. The National Museum's specialty is the Story of Man and the Story of Animals in Mashonaland.

Ten minutes from the city you'll find Chapungu Kraal, in pastoral surroundings, where there is a magnificent collection of soapstone and verdite sculpture and an authentic 19th century Shona village complete with n'anga (traditional doctor).
Watersports of all kinds are available on the resort-filled north Shore of Lake Chivero, just a few minutes out of Harare, and the Lake's south shore is 2 023,4 ha of fascinating wilderness, where zebra, giraffe, sable, white rhino, tsessebe and eland roam. Bird life is so prolific that, in one day, ornithologists recorded 200 species. In the granite hills you can find many Bushmen paintings. Lodges and chalets on the lake shore are available.

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Harare Tourism Services

City Tour
Drive through the city for an appreciation of the Sunshine City’s historical buildings to Kopje hill for a 360-degree panorama of the city. Bargain for exquisite hand-crafted souvenirs at the bustling Mbare Musika, and sample the swinging action at the Tobacco Auction floors in season.    

Mukuvisi Woodlands
Call in on elephant, impala, ostrich and giraffe in a natural woodland reserve set aside and run by the Wildlife Society of Zimbabwe.  Only 15 minutes from the city centre.

Chengeta Safari Day Trip
Visit Mashonaland’s largest private game reserve with over 45 mammal and more than 180 bird species. Tailor-made safari options include horseback, canoe, game drives, walking and fishing. Unspoilt Africa at its best!

Kuimba Shiri Bird Gardens and Snake World
Here’s another aspect of Zimbabwe’s wildlife – 100s of exotic and indigenous birds at Kuimba Shiri. At the nearby Snake World, you’ll face some of Africa’s most venomous vipers – all in one place.  Definitely not something you’ll see anywhere else!

Lion & Lake Chivero Game Park
The wilds of Africa right on the city outskirts.  Your chance to see the big cats and rare nocturnal species up close.  At Lake Chivero, free-ranging plains game abound and you may even catch a glimpse of the why white rhino.