Binga is a good place for visitors from Bulawayo, Hwange or the Victoria Falls to access a housboat holiday on Lake Kariba without having to go all the way to Kariba town. Binga also makes a good stopping point for self-drive visitors aiming to drive the long, slow 4x4 gravel road along the southern shore of Lake Kariba.

Binga is a fishing centre and an administrative hub created for the Tonga people who were moved out of the Zambezi valley when Lake Kariba covered their traditional homes.  It is reachable via a tar road which turns off the main Bulawayo-Victoria Falls road near Hwange.   Binga has a servicable tarred airstrip accessible by small charter aircraft.

Much of the accommodation in Binga is privately-owned, so visitor facilities are limited and mostly self-catering.  There are some lakeside villa options and small lodges as well as couple of campsites.  The once-popular hot springs rest camp and campsite is still operational, but currently in need of refurbishment.  A few houseboats are available for hire and one or two lodges also hire out fishing boats on a daily basis.  A more up-market lakeside fishing and safari camp lies east of Binga, adjacent to the Chete Safari Area.

Aid workers and missionaries in this area have helped the displaced Tonga community with medical and educational facilities, and with community-owned natural resource management (CAMPFIRE) schemes which encourage people to use wildlife resources without destroying them. A thriving co-operative handicraft industry has also been developed, focused on traditional Tonga basketware, beadwork, drums and carved stools and doors.