Traffic Regulations

  • It is a regulation that all vehicles carry, a 1kg serviceable fire extinguisher certified by Standards Association of Zimbabwe.
  • 2 warning triangles
  • Reflective patches on each corner of all vehicles. White on the front and red at the rear. These should be honeycomb or diamond grade. Trailers must also have the rear patches as on the car. A red reflector strip should be attached at the rear of trailers and pickups.
  • 1kg serviceable fire extinguisher certified by Standards Association of Zimbabwe.
  • 2 x warning triangles, plus another two for any trailer or caravan towed.
  • Reflectors, as follow, must be of 'honeycomb' or 'diamond' grade.
    • 2 x white (60mm x 50mm) either side at front (or 60mm diameter if circular) for non- commercial vehicles.**
    • 2 x red (60mm x 50mm) at either side to rear (or 60mm diameter if circular) for non-commercial vehicles.**
    • Continuous red reflector strip (50mm wide) to within not less than 400mm of the outer edges at rear for pickups and twin/double cabs and light trailers.**
  • Trailers have a reflective white 'T" and a reflective red 'T' on a black background facing to the front and rear of the trailer respectively.
  • All vehicles must have a spare wheel, jack and wheel spanner.

There is no requirement to carry reflective jackets in private vehicles - although it does make sense to carry one in case of an emergency.

If you have been harassed by police, bribes have been hinted or that your treatment has been unfair you should contact: National Complaints Line (24 hour service) (04)703631.

Traffic police are invariably polite and friendly and a bribe has never been hinted. It is advisable to open the window to them with a pleasant smile and greeting and the chances are they will return the favour. In fact, just as in most other countries.

Hire from an international company such as AVIS, watch the speed limits and you will really enjoy self-drive in Zimbabwe.

Happy motoring.