Camp Hwange

Part-owned and run by a very experienced Zimbabwe Professional guide, the brand new Camp Hwange is extremely comfortable with 8 large canvas walled en-suite chalets positioned to overlook a water-hole.

About Camp Hwange

What Camp Hwange is really all about is the wilderness experience and getting out amongst it. If you’re looking for five-star luxury then Camp Hwange is not the place for you. If however your emphasis is on flexible, knowledgeable and charismatic guiding all in comfortable surroundings then why not give us a call to discuss Camp Hwange in more detail
A few friends got together, an opportunity arose and a lifelong dream became a reality – Camp Hwange was born.
Based on a simple philosophy of providing an authentic safari, where you become immersed in nature, experience the feel, the smell and the touch of the African bush, become a part of it, rather than a spectator. The main activity at Camp Hwange is walking safaris, though we do have enough vehicles for game drives if needed.
We are a small company dedicated to give you a safari to remember. Situated in the Shumba area of Hwange National Park overlooking a perennial waterhole, this eco friendly camp is ready to welcome you. The camp consists of 8 chalets (16 beds) constructed out of poles and canvas under thatch, all with a panoramic view of the water-hole, are both comfortable and charming. Home cooking and a friendly camp fire will compliment your stay.
The camp is run by David Carson, a well known Zimbabwe professional guide with over 20 years of guiding experience in the Hwange National Park. His expertise will ensure that you get the most out of your safari.
Camp managers Julian Brookstein and Ashley Rimmer have both been managing camps around Zimbabwe for the last 5 years. Julian is a professional guide whose speciality is walking, and with his vast knowledge of fauna and flora, will ensure that your walks are not only exciting but informative as well. Ashley whose organising skills and cooking ability are well documented will ensure you stay runs smoothly and look you will forward to meal times.
Professional guide Dharmesh Daya with his love of walking and keen sense of humour makes your safari with him ones to remember.
Washington Sibandi trainee guide who had been with Dave for many years, he helped build the camp and whose skills are not only restricted to guiding, he is an accomplished bush cook as well.
Stephen Ndlovu  is an accomplished Guide who is quietly goes about his job of making your stay at Camp Hwange a memorable one
Justine McGregor and Liz Cumming are the two ladies who do all the hard work, Justine handles the reservations and logistics whilst Liz makes sense out of the accounts

A typical day at Camp Hwange

When guests arrive at our camp they will meet their guide who will take them on safari activities and it is with this person that everything will be planned. The following description of a typical day is just a guide line.
The best thing about a typical day at Camp Hwange is that we do our best not to make it typical.
Mostly it is an early start just before dawn, steaming mugs of tea or coffee, a light breakfast of toast, porridge or cereal and off on an activity.
In the mornings when it is still cool and the light is soft for photography, the air of expectancy is everywhere. It is nice to cruise along in the vehicle getting a few pictures of animals here and there. Your guide will be scowering the road for tracks of some of the animals that rule the night i.e. lion, hyena and leopard to mention a few. Should you not find them in the vehicle, but find their tracks especially the lion then it is time to get out and track them on foot. Whether you see them up close or as a flash running away, time on foot with lion is thrilling way to spend the morning.
If there are no animals to track a walk in the rocky hills or along a spring line with a knowledgeable guide is well worth it. There is always something to see and it gives you time to appreciate your surrounds.
Due to us staying out the whole morning we carry with us fruit, homemade cookies, tea and coffee. As the morning warms up and it starts to get hot this is a good time to be at one of the water points, to wait and see what comes down to drink. It can be very rewarding indeed especially in the dryer months when all the animals congregate around the water points.
Usually toward midday if you have not taken a packed lunch, this is a good time to head back to camp for a large lunch and then a siesta. Full bellies equals’ great afternoon nap, fantastic. Well rested we meet back late afternoon have tea/coffee with some snacks to keep us going until dinner, and then it is off either on a drive or a walk out of camp. In the dryer months walking to the log hide in front of camp is one of the most rewarding things to do. In the log hide you can have elephants coming within meters of you, zebra coming in to quench their thirst, warthogs trotting in for a quick mud bath, the sun sets behind the hide and so the light is usually soft and picture taking is at a premium.
As the sun sets in come the double banded sand grouse with their funny little calls, get a quick drink do a bit of socialising and then off again. During this time a nice cold gin and tonic or whatever your preference is, is a great way to witness all the goings on at our little corner of Africa.
A night drive on the way back to camp is a nice way to end off and hope to see the nocturnal animals, like springhares, serval, honey badgers, bateared fox and if you are lucky a leopard or and Aardwolf!!!
All that is left is to gaze at the limitless stars around the camp fire, have dinner and rest because tomorrow is coming and there is always lots of exciting things to do at Camp Hwange


Camp Hwange can accommodate 16 guests in 8 well spaced thatched chalets with canvas and gauze sides which all overlook a large waterhole. En-suite flush toilets and solar heated showers and lighting in the rooms ensure comfort yet allow for an environmentally-friendly power source. In each room there is a charging point for recharging digital cameras, laptops etc. The main living area includes a dining area, bar, spacious lounge and a curio shop. The open-air firepit in front of the main building has an incredible view of the stars, and is a superb place to have after-dinner drinks and enjoy the serenity. Cuisine is wholesome and delicious and includes a good selection of meats, vegetables and fruits.

Camp Hwange Game Viewing and Activities

Activities are centred on game drives and walks or a combination of the two and take place in the private concession and in Hwange National Park as a whole. Walks are especially exciting with guides who pride themselves on their knowledge and experience. There are also night drives on offer within the concession, which allows for a brilliant opportunity to enjoy sightings of nocturnal species. Guests at Camp Hwange can expect to see elephant, zebra, kudu, impala, warthog, baboons, hippos, lions, jackals, giraffe, steenbok, spring hare, buzzards, eagle, guinea fowl. With luck, it is also possible to catch sightings of wild dog, hyena, leopard, cheetah and ostrich.