Vundu Camp

Vundu Camp is situated in the heart of the Mana Pools National Park along the banks of the great Zambezi River. The camp itself is nestled amongst a grove of beautiful rivirine forest, including trees such as huge old zambezi figs, ebonys, raintrees, wild mangoes and tamarinds.

About Vundu Camp

The area is teaming with wildlife. There is a pair of resident leopards who leave their tracks scattered along the pathways almost every night , the lions come wandering past often and one can hear their distinctive calls most nights, elephants visit daily to feed on the thick vegetation in camp and to have a mud bath in the pan. Large herds of impala live around the camp and drink at the pan , this brings in the wild dogs , as they are their preferred prey. In 2009 we en countered 5 differnt packs in the Park, Mana has a healthy population of dogs, which are the most endangered of the carnivores in Africa. They have been lucky enough to have the dogs den down about a kilometer from camp 3 times since 2005. Baboons, monkeys,and a family of honey badgers can also be seen around the camp.

Vundu Camp is suited to both those looking for that extra bit of adventure or to those who want a more relaxing time. Their guides have many years experience and you will be well looked after both in the bush and in camp.


In 2008 they constructed the main lodge area and in 2009 they built the chalets - canvas under thatch, of which there are seven. One is a family room with four beds and one is a honeymoon suite, the others are large spacious rooms with twin beds. There is a beautiful pan behind the camp with a tree stand for sitting, relaxing and watching the game come down to drink. The pan dries up towards the end of the year. All of the rooms and the main lodge have a view of the Zambezi River, being on average about ten meters from the bank .


A typical day at Vundu is started with a cup of coffee and a light breakfast before heading out in the Land Rover. They use the vehicles to get to a predestined area for a walk, or until you cross fresh tracks of something interesting  which we can follow on foot ; maybe lions, wild dogs, a large herd of buffalo or some of the big old elephant bulls which Mana is so well known for. After morning activities head back to Vundu for lunch, followed by a short siesta. Aftrenoon tea is follwed by canoeing on the river for those who choose to, or another walk/drive. Canoeing is certainly a highlight as it is a unique activity and not many Parks offer the oppotunity , especially not with the abundance of wild life as in Mana.