Camp Amalinda

Camp Amalinda, an African inspired refuge, where world-class facilities combine with the spiritual energy, allure and unique beauty, for which the Matobo Hills is so celebrated. This exclusive, privately owned safari lodge, is in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Matobo Hills, and situated only 45kms from Bulawayo. Tucked away into an ancient Bushman’s shelter, Camp Amalinda was voted top 3 Safari Lodge in Zimbabwe in 2010.

About Camp Amalinda

The granite domes and castle kopjes of the Matobo Hills, echo the essence of tranquility and the majesty of untamed Africa where mammal and bird species are prolific. Included here are the highest concentrations of Leopard and Black Eagle in the world, as well as a healthy population of the endangered Black and White Rhino.

The Matobo Hills are among the most majestic rock sceneries in the world. Nestled in this unique range of hills is Camp Amalinda.

Lodge Information

Camp Amalinda RoomsAmalinda consists of nine individually thatched rooms including 2 honeymoon suites, which are set into the huge boulders. These 2 suites have just recently been refurbished and it brings us great pleasure to introduce to you for the first time “The Lobengula Suite” and “The Rhodes Suite”. Each are steeped in African historical artefacts of a bygone era from these two famous men who once walked around these very rocks

Tucked away into an ancient bushman’s shelter, Camp Amalinda’s charm will leave an indelible impression on every visitor, it’s spirituality almost tangible.

Some of the most majestic granite scenery in the world is found in the Matobo Hills. It is here that the hopes, trials and tribulations of the San Bushmen are recorded in the ancient rock art.

Camp AmalindaThe lounge and entertainment area is tucked away into a bushman shelter with a panoramic view of the Matobo Hills. Delicious meals are served on a massive teak table in the open air dining room.

A cosy library contains some of the old “African Classics”, whilst a secluded chess room, located amongst the tree tops guarantees peace and tranquillity. For the wine connoisseur, we recommend a visit to our natural cave wine cellar. Sundowners can be enjoyed around a warm fire in the enclosed “boma” area.

At the base of the camp is a large swimming pool with comfortable loungers and a bar, all over-looking a waterhole.

Camp Amalinda PoolsAmongst this most miraculous backdrop, which is famous to the Matobo Hills, is an irresistible treasure worth experiencing – situated near the pool is our Heritage Spa. Drift away on crisp linen, whilst the scents of Ancient African aromas swirl under the canopy of thatch and rock. Drops of aromatherapy oils are added to generous amounts of carrot and nut oil for that exclusive and private massage by our expert in-house Masseuse. Spoil yourself with a full Body Massage, Back and neck Massage, Manicure or Pedicure.

Camp Amalinda is in a malaria free zone and children are most welcome. Children can spend their days rock climbing and chasing rock lizards, skinks and Giant Plated Lizards. Their  friendly staff are on hand to cater to your every need and extend to you their warmest welcome.


Matabo Hills RhinosCamp Amalinda offers a range of varied activities

  1. Rhino tracking by vehicle or on foot. Track the “horn of sorrow” as they have become known – the endangered black rhino. White rhino are easier to see in these parts.
  2. Explore the hills where mysterious nomads once held their sacred ceremonies. The rocky granite topography boasts more than 2000 sites of the San (Bushman) tribes and is probably the richest source of San rock art known. This area and several famous rocks here (known to all our local Ndebele people) hold spiritual significance of bygone rituals. Today, you can learn all about their trials and tribulations.
  3. Drive through the granite hills in the footsteps of Cecil John Rhodes. Visit his world famous tomb known as the “View of the World”, it’s an experience guaranteed to send a thrill down your spine. Leander Starr Jameson is also buried there and together with the spirits of hundreds of soldiers; killed in battle with the Matabele warriors, they gather around at sunset. It has become known as “the dwelling place of spirits” or rather “Amalindidzimu”. The view will leave you gasping……It is hard to imagine a more beautiful setting – the stories of Rhodes wanderings and dealings with King Lobengula told by Paul Hubbard will keep you entranced. Rhodes was so revered by the Queen, that even a country was named after him – Rhodesia. The Matabele will tell a tale about Rhodes deceit in his dealings with King Lobengula and his father, Mzilikazi.
  4. Take a tour to an African homestead and get down to earth with the local Matabele people. Enjoy their gracious hospitality as they show you around their “pole and dagga” huts. Then on to the rural clinic and come face to face with a Traditional Healer – she may even heal your ailment. Whitewaters Primary School and Cyrene Mission School are next on the agenda – understand that no matter what adversity children face, one of their basic wants is to learn.  Many projects at the schools, clinic and Orphanage have been completed through our Social Responsibility, The Mother Africa Trust.
  5. Camp Amalinda Spa TreatmentsRelax by our specially designed rock pool, which overlooks the waterhole whilst sipping on a cocktail.
  6. Indulge yourself in a full body massage in our Heritage Spa
  7. Walking on our property is entirely safe – you could bump into warthog, zebra, klipspringer, kudu, impala, wildebeest, reedbuck, duiker, steenbok, hyrax and a vast variety of bird life. Watch out for the exclusive leopard, although he’ll see you first.
  8. Abseil these magnificent hills – Amalinda’s new adrenalin activity. $40 per person and all ages welcome