Ivory Lodge

Deep in the mystical teak forests of Hwange is this unobtrusive camp, bathed in the tales of pioneering hunters and explorers such as Fredrick Courtney Selous. Lumbering giants drift around your stilted platforms , their tusks glinting in salute to the sanctuary of shade offered up by these massive trees. This is Ivory Lodge – place of elephants. It is here that great herds of elephants are found – sometimes over 100 strong.

About Ivory Lodge

Ivory LodgeA small intimate lodge featuring 7 luxurious tree houses and 2 Presidential Elephant Suites set on elevated platforms amongst the indigenous flora of Hwange Game Park. Ivory Lodge is set on its own 6 000 acre conservancy bordering Hwange National Park which is the largest National Park in Zimbabwe – equivalent in size to Wales. Hwange has always been one of the best places to visit for a broad range of safari experiences and Ivory Lodge is “big game” country – lion, elephant leopard and buffalo are seen regularly from camp as well as in the park. Ivory is built in the tree tops of giant teak forests and offers personal attention to a maximum of 18 guests only.

Ivory Lodge VisitorsHwange is renowned for its huge tuskers – big old bulls with magnificent tusks.  It is also here that the famous Presidential Herd drinks – these elephants’ home-range is amongst the dense feeding areas of the Sikumi Vlei and where they find refuge from the scorching heat at Ivory’s water hole.

Silently, elegantly, the lodge stands over the waterhole…. watch by flood light under a star spangled African night sky – the elephants in their play-fighting….their display of instinctive rituals, their caressing and murmurings…all which speak of years gone by.

Accommodation and Facilities

A typical Tree-house
The elevated en suite rooms are positioned with sweeping views of the waterhole that is floodlit by night. Let the night sounds of the wild lull you to sleep in our comfortable beds.  Our electric blankets will keep you warm and snug during the cooler winter nights and in summer keep cool under the ceiling fans. All our tree-houses have mosquito nets, 24 hour electricity and hot water. Our two brand new Presidential Elephant Suites set on the left of the camp have excellent views of the pan as well.

The newly thatched central dining area, bar and library are set around the deep blue pool – a welcome haven from the scorching mid-day heat. Our safari chefs are experienced in bush cuisine and we also cater for a variety of dietary requirements.  The best is having a fireside dinner under a massive blanket of stars or a private candle lit dinner within the hide itself.

Ivory LodgeThe hide out next to the waterhole is a refuge where a heightened wildlife experience is within a stones throw away. You don’t require a large tele-photo lens to get some incredible close-ups of the big 5 that frequent the pan.

The lodge is encircled by an electric fence to protect you – you can almost see the strands of wire in the photo above (taken July 25th 2011) however, this is a wildlife area and one should always respect the wild.  A safety talk will be given on arrival so that our guests are fully aware of camp procedures. Winter evenings are spent around the boma area – a log fire “star gazing pit” which has a direct view to the floodlit pan.

Game Viewing and Activities

Ivory Lodge SafarisHwange National Park is famous for its “giant tuskers” – huge old elephant bulls with massive tusks. Herds of over 200 feed and water at one time around Ivory’s Concession and although we offer a variety of drives, sometimes it’s when you are just chilling in camp that you see more.

Foot safaris were perfected in Hwange – our professional guides are amongst the highest trained and qualified in Africa. They become your personal safari companion and one which great experiences are shared. Walking with them on our property and in the park is an opportunity unsurpassed by any other wilderness experience. It’s not all about the big game though, they show you much, much more…

  • Game drives –either in the Game Park or on Ivory Lodge's 6 000 acre concession.
  • Foot safaris –with Ivory Lodge's resident guides, Dumi and Peter and with attending National Park Scouts
  • Night drives – at twilight around Ivory Lodge'sconcession with spotting torch.
  • Swimming pool – deep, cool and wonderfully refreshing.
  • Viewing blind – you will see a tapestry of wildlife at very close range drinking at the pan, you won’t need a telephoto-lens.
  • Private Library – containing old African relics and a writing bureau.  A quiet refuge fitted with spotting scope and binoculars.
  • Mother Africa– a 2 week purpose driven safari experience.

Children are welcome – although children under 5 need to accompany their parents on a vehicle which cannot be utilised by any other guests. This would be according to availability and as per management discretion. We do not take children under 2 years on our game-drive vehicles. We have baby-sitters available in camp that are hired on an hourly basis for your requirements. Private Vehicle Hire for these occasions is possible at $150 per day.