5 Day Heritage Experience

Here is your chance to trace the footsteps of one of the greatest warriors of all time, King Mzilikazi, chief of the Matabele. If you want to be propelled back in time to the late 1800’s, then allow us to bring to you the smells, sights and the rhythm of pre-colonial homes and the colonial battlefields of Matabeleland. Led by a professional archaeologist whose stories take you back in time with a vibrancy beyond compare.

Day by Day

Day One - Camp Amalinda

Arrive at Bulawayo Airport about midday and transfer to Camp Amalinda. Luncheon by the pool with general orientation. Later afternoon we drive to Fort Inungu approx 3 kms from Camp Amalinda. Back in time to enjoy sunset drinks upon a whale-back dwala and take in an easy presentation that focuses on Matabele, or more correctly Ndebele, history.

Day Two - Shangani & Bembesi battlefields

An early start can be expected after breakfast to visit Shangani & Bembesi battlefields of the 1893 Anglo-Matabele War and the nearby 1896 Pongo Memorial. We then proceed back to Bulawayo for a sumptuous luncheon at Bulawayo Club and view some of his memorabilia held in that august institution. The Natural History Museum is next on the agenda. Steeped in unique artefacts owned and used by Cecil Rhodes, Mzilikazi and his son, Lobengula it is an important collection that showcases Zimbabwe’s exceptional heritage. Dinner will be at Mr Ndebele’s village in Matobo Hills, where you will experience a rare insight into traditional village life.

Day Three - Museums & Monuments

A leisurely morning visit to take in the site of koBulawayo and the adjacent old Jesuit Mission. In the site museum at koBulawayo there are good displays and a representative selection of the material culture of the Ndebele. Lunch is taken under the “Indaba Tree”, presented by the Amalinda chefs in true rural style. In the afternoon, we start at Mzilikazi’s Memorial which stands on the site of Mhlahlandlela, the Kings last capital town. After this, permission is sought from the royal Khumalo family and their ancestors to approach and view Mzilikazi’s Tomb. Here one can marvel over the landscape that this great man once walked. This has to be the most humble experiences of the entire trip.

Day Four - War in Matapos

A full day can be expected which encompasses some of the sites dating from 1896 War in Matopos. This includes a sequence of forts and skirmishes where we follow in the footsteps of the Anglo-settler soldiers and Ndebele warriors. Lunch will be taken at Amalinda before we proceed to Cecil John Rhodes grave atop “View of the World”. It is a sight that is guaranteed to bring goose flesh. Here also lie the remains of Leander Starr Jameson, Charles Coghlan and bodies of those killed with Allan Wilson during the Shangani Patrol. Immerse yourself with these spirits and those of the local Ndebele and Kalanga peoples also buried nearby upon the exposed slopes of Malindidzimu – dwelling place of spirits. The drive back to camp in the dark will be illuminated by the brilliance of the Africa night sky. There will be much reflection and chatter of bygone Ndebele myths and fables.

Day Five - Painted Caves

An early sunrise walk to two of the painted caves once used as shrines by the Ndebele and the Kalanga and Bushmen before them. Brunch is served, again by the Amalinda chefs in true Colonial style, but this time under the shade of an acacia tree upon a white linen table cloth.

Your afternoon can be spent at leisure – time to pack, enjoy the ambience of Camp Amalinda or relax in the Safari Spa before departing the following day. But don’t go to bed too early, for tonight promises an extraordinary visit from the past…


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